Piwniczna–Zdroj, being located at the heart of the Beskid Sadecki range, is featuring full access to the dense network of tourist routes (according to the PTTK – the Polish Tourist Association – altogether 460km), which allows reaching out to the most distant corners of the mountains range (experienced backpackers can reach Szczawnica or Krynica within one day, less qualified ones can stop in many mountain refuges what allows them to split the excursion and cover the planned distance in stages). Besides, there are 40km of local trails, which, in conjunction with the long-distance ones, make it possible for the visitors to plan either shorter tramps or longer tours throughout the countryside. Apart from the hiking routes, there is a great deal of biking, ski and horse-riding tracks.
The location of Piwniczna-Zdroj in the heart of Beskid Sadecki, close to the Slovak boarder, makes it a perfect base for all kinds of discovery excursions. A proximity of well-known Polish health resorts – Krynica, Muszyna or nearby located Slovak ones – Vysne Ruzbachy or Bardejov as well as old “Lemko Land” with historical orthodox chapels and churches – true pearls of sacred architecture, but also historical towns of Nowy Sacz and Stara Lubovna (Slovakia), are real magnets for the tourists. Smooth hills of the Beskid range, but also nearby located Pieniny Mountains, encourage for hiking. Also, the High Tatra rocky mountains, though requiring some travel to, are in a close reach.


The Piwniczna Commune has very convenient conditions for mountain biking. Already a dozen or so years ago, 5 tracks, totalling 90km in length, were setup. A dense network of tracks leading to the hamlets, located high in the mountains, supports this form of recreation. One should remember however, that covering a distance of a few or some more kilometres on a bike in the mountains, requires good trim and a bit of experience. For those who are going to enter the biking adventure for the first time, we recommend tracks along the Poprad river, up to the Kukuszka, Lomnica and Wierchomla villages. In order to choose the right route, it’s vital to look into the 4-grades scale of difficulty used in the biking guides. Without that, it’s almost impossible to recognize the scale of track’s complexity, since the signs and colors, used in the terrain, are not reflecting it really. Bike rental is available in the community.
The most popular biking routes:
Kosarzyska – Zaczerczyk – Piwniczna – length 10,5 km; altitudinal diff : 270 m,
difficulty: high
Sucha Dolina – Zwór – Świni Groń – Piwowarówka – Piwniczna – length 11,5 km; altitudinal diff.: 360 m; difficulty: very high
Piwniczna – Łomnica Zdrój – Jarzębaki – Piwniczna Zawodzie – length 15,5 km; altitudinal diff.: 340 m; difficulty: medium


Poprad is an extraordinary river of a typical mountain character, with high and frequent water level dynamics. Despite its springs are located on the southern bank of the Tatra Mountains, instead of flowing into the Black Sea basin, it circles into North and, in the vicinity of Leluchow, the river is breaking over the Carpatian range and, meandring among mountains, it ends its run in Stary Sacz, joining Dunajec river. Breaking through the hills of Beskid Sadecki, Poprad forms wonderful gorges. The most interesting are those in Zegiestow and Piwniczna.

“Warriors Run” – the first Polish running cycle inspired by the „Hell Week” – one of the most challenging element of the training of the SEAL Navy Unit.

Featuring day and night runs, it is one of many other spectacular sporting events in the surrounding.

beskid sądecki
There are almost 1000km trekking and biking trails across the entire Beskid Sadecki range
There are almost 300km tourist routes of varying difficulty degrees in the near surrounding of Piwniczna Zdroj.
Majority of trails are well prepared and signposted.
Impressions from the trails
beskid sądecki
Time for well-deserved relaxing after a whole day of trekking!
Fantastic biking runs for all the adrenaline-addicted professionals…
Fantastic biking runs for all the adrenaline-addicted professionals…
… and amateurs.
On the run
On the run
willa nad popradem
A family rafting
poprad noclegi
Canoes on the Poprad river
willa nad popradem
Canoe run-offs
Running festivals
Wierchomla ski station – for all the fans of “white madness”
wierchomla resort narciarski
Wierchomla ski station
piwniczna zdrój
Well-earned relaxing after the active day
narty beskid sądecki
Beskid Sadecki offers also ski touring options
zima w górach noclegi
For many, winter is the most beautiful season…
zima piwniczna zdrój
Being at the top, don’t forget about a memorial selfie
zima piwniczna-zdrój
A lot of routes are fine also for the winter trekking



Picturesque location of the „Two Valleys” ski resort Muszyna-Wierchomla belongs to the top of most modern and dynamically developing ski centers in the country. Guests have north-west slopes of the Pusta Wielka hill, where, at the altitude of 1062m, they can enjoy skiing and snowboarding at any expertise level.

Due to very convenient conditions, Beskid Sadecki can offer the ski tourists a great deal of opportunities. There have been a lot of tracks marked and signed for the ski runners, but almost all hiking routes can also be taken into consideration while planning any ski touring escapade. Despite of the fact that there is no avalanche risk, it has to be remembered, that even in those rather low mountains, safety and personal security is utmost important. While planning any trip to the mountains in winter, everybody should re-consider own physical capabilities, weather conditions (which can change rapidly), snow conditions (which can vary with altitude) and length of the day.

Located 40km away from Piwniczna-Zdroj, there is another popular ski resort – Jaworzyna Krynicka. The main gondola-lift is over 2km long and arrives to the top of the Jaworzyna Krynicka mountain at 1124m ASL.  The mountain is not only for winter attractions. It offers a lot for sport and family activities practically all year long.


A dedicated ski route for ski trekking exercises is located near the Obidza hamlet at the level of 900m ASL, where specially treated and prepared tracks are available for the ski fans. Vast glades of the terrain give an opportunity to freely choose alternative routes and modify the length of the run. The route lets also spectators to pull for and applaud the runners.